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This was taken from tv_junkie100

Icon rules and themes
[x]Subjects: Anything, it can be ship, character, actor, season, episode, general show, what ever you'd like!

[x]Timing: For this challenge, you are given 10 weeks to complete your 100 icons, 5 weeks for 50 and 2 weeks for 20. If the time expires and you aren't done, you can either request an extension, or your claim will be freed up for someone else to use. Please post your first batch within two weeks of your claim.

[x]The Icons: Please make your icons new ones. If some of them are old it's okay. Just don't take only old ones. Icons without text are absolutely okay, but don't take the picture and make only a frame around. I know, you can do more ;-)

[x]Posting: When you post your icons, you have to make a titel what you posted.
This have to contain the Subject, the number of the batch, the number of the icons you have and the total number of icons.
For example:

Gilmore Girls Season 5 general, Batch #1 (15/50)

Please post the themes behind the cut with the number of the icon
Lj-cuts are okay and fake cuts, too. When you use a cut, please post 2 or 3 icons outside the cut.

[x]Themes: There are 50 themes. When you make 100 icons you have to take 40 of them, when you make 50 icons there are 20 you should take. Of course you can take all of them, that's your decision.
Here they are:

1. Loneliness
2. Forever
3. Regret
4. Choice
5. Family
6. Feeling blue
7. Beautiful
8. Addiction
9. Fun
10. First meeting
11. Magical
12. Lost
13. Smile
14. Secrets
15. Love
16. Time
17. Kiss
18. Desire
19. Tears
20. Red
21. Hate
22. Pain
23. Broken
24. Crazy
25. Solid
26. Water
27. Guilt
28. Revenge
29. Sadness
30. Changes
31. Fire
32. Eat
33. Wonderland
34. Close
35. Friends
36. Green
37. Memories
38. Hurt
39. Darkness
40. Enemies
41. Paper
42. Fate
43. Shock
44. Blue
45. Dancing
46. Gone
47. Nice
48. Paradise
49. Together
50. Pink
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